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We at Shivam Enterprises are lending you with the choice so that you can do your bit in favor of sustainable consumption, reduce carbon footprint and do all of that in a fun and stylish way! We have a team of driven and spirited professionals who believe in the dream to make an impact. We ensure that our products are of the premium quality,innovative and made from latest Japanese technology. This makes our products different from anything you will ever find in the aisle of the supermarket, making them unique and special.

non woven bags

Non woven Over

Our extensive non woven carry bags and 3 ply surgical mask, face mask are not only a perfect addition to any ensemble but these are the ideal substitute for polythene or plastic bags. We believe that the small step of choosing a non woven bag over plastic is infact a significant step towards sustainability. Every bit counts and we are doing our bit. We encourage you to do your bit!



We at Shivam Enterprise are dedicated to manufacturing products which are made of high-quality materials and also comes with a sound conscience. We use latest Japanese technology in carving out that fine piece of carry bag. We have a robust supply line and ensure that ewch product goes through multiple level of quality checks before going into market. Thats why you can rely on us in providing high quality bags which are ecofriendly and help contribute in making our planet greener and cleaner. We are highly committed to crafting and curating products that are finer in quality, eco-friendly, & better for the planet. Buy Non Woven Carry Bags, Surgical Masks, Face Mask Manufacturer in Bhubaneswar, Odisha with Shivam Enterprises because we believe in providing our customers with an option to choose for an ethically better choice, both for their sake and for the sake of the future. We also believe that they can do all that while looking cool and awesome! We conclude that our commitment to our customers is essentially ordained and sticking to quality and delivery assurance is an important factor which has led us to earn the valuable trust of our customers.

Why Us

We are not short-sighted about creating products for the sake of creating, but we create genuinely about the impact we leave on the planet. We are dedicated to active corporate citizenship and promote sustainability with all our manufacturing activities as well as our core purpose. We do so by abiding by some self-evoked social, environmental, and economic rules so that we can do justice to our sustainable values.


We practice 'fair trade' meaning that our employees or provided with a happy, safe and a motivated work environment. We are fair ethical and responsible towards our labourers and believe in fair working hours and payments.


Aside from the fact that we create products so that one can choose a more ethically responsible lifestyle, we also ensure that our manufacturing process meets all the environmental requirements and want to diminish the environmental repercussions of our operations continuously, thereby lessening our carbon trace.


We come with a couple of strong and long-standing vision and missions
which acts as torchbearers for our business and allows us to stay motivated,
driven and continue growing.


Our primary mission lies in our commitment to be of advantage to all of our stakeholders, be it our customers, employees, shareholders, and most importantly, our environment and the community. We thrive to create products which are not only useful and practical but are also sustainable and ethical.


We envision ourselves to grow to be able to manufacture products which might be of international standards and improve significantly in out quality, customer service, technology and the impact we leave behind in the continuously evolving manufacturing world.

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